Michael Zambrelli’s love of and feel for country flavored rock and pop began early on. In college, he’d play a bar game where he’d challenge anyone to play a song and he’d rewrite the lyric in 10 minutes. He won a lot of free drinks.

Since then Michael’s written with and for dozens of talented songwriters and performers including Ray Charles, Marc Cohn, Karla Bonoff, Andy Summers and Andy Fromm. His songs have been placed in shows as diverse as Scrubs and the Japanese Emmy winning TV show, “Making it in NY”. He’s also co-written hundreds of jingles – perhaps, the most well known being “Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop” for Pringles.

Like a great country tune, Michael believes in getting to the heart of the matter. He has a unique feel for the catchy phrase, the irresistible hook and for finding the right balance between straightforward sentiment and memorably unexpected imagery and language. His lyric mentors reflect the diverse blend of styles that is country today – the Allman and the Everly Brothers, Zac Brown and James Taylor, Jason Mraz and Jason Aldean, Don Henley and Josh Turner.

Michael’s “other” careers – as writer/director/owner of his own ad agency with more than 300 commercials to his credit and as an established still photographer – have also helped to sharpen his distinctive feel for story telling and his keen visual style of writing.

Equally comfortable working with words or melody first, Michael looks forward to many more successful collaborations.